Xerdict Technologies

Xerdict LLC develops and delivers collaboration software products, including legal extranets, case management systems, law firm extranets, deal rooms and litigation case management support tools. Our suite of products, and the litigation case management documents and data they store, are available anytime, anywhere, for use by our clients.

Company Profile

Xerdict LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanenbaum Keale LLP, one of America's preeminent trial law firms. Xerdict provides technology-based services to Tanenbaum Keale clients and directly to Xerdict clients. Our focus is on developing secure, efficient and market-leading legal extranets that are feature rich and flexible. This ensures a high level of satisfaction as clients use our software to manage large nationwide litigations, legal practices, and corporate law department operations, among other uses.

Xerdict's innovative legal extranet systems provide specific capabilities in areas of law such as asbestos, product liability, and insurance litigation; and many other legal practice areas. Our knowledge of litigation case management has proven to be invaluable to both litigation firms and corporate law departments responsible for managing the costs and liabilities of complex litigation. Xerdict's litigation legal extranet product, CaseEnsemble, can easily track tens of thousands of cases for clients by providing a comprehensive litigation support system and client workspace to law firms and corporate law departments that need to track litigation costs, settlement costs, claim lists, matter bordereau reports, or other case management details associated with large litigations.

Please feel free to contact us at info@xerdictgroup.com or 973-820-1132 for more information on our legal extranet case management products.

Latest News

January 2015
Xerdict upgrades systems.

November 2013
Xerdict celebrates 10th Anniversary.

April 2013
Kenneth Jones article "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine" published in Law Technology News.

February 2013
Kenneth Jones article "Let's Take This Offline" published in Law Technology News.

Decemer 2012
Kenneth Jones article "Migrating Your Data Storage" published in Law Technology News.

October 2012
Kenneth Jones article "Unintended Benefits" published in Law Technology News.

May 2012
Xerdict "Goes Green", and improves the customer experience along the way!.

March 2012
Xerdict announces new legal extranet case management features.

February 2012
Kenneth Jones article "Lighting the Lamp" published in Law Technology News.

January 2012
Xerdict announces new legal extranet document repository features.

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