Technology-Based Services

Xerdict provides legal technology services to help our clients manage litigation more efficiently and productively, and develops comprehensive client workspace and extranet solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments. Through the use of our extranet management system, CaseEnsemble, we assist clients in building complex databases to support case management needs for mass tort matters that often include thousands of claims.

We also work with corporate law departments to create cost reporting tools, and assist them in quantifying and analyzing their legal cases, and the projected and actual costs associated with these cases. Xerdict also develops customized versions of CaseEnsemble to support client-specific business needs. Some examples of our customized solutions include:

  • Developing detailed lead and subplaintiff case management tracking capabilities.
  • Creating areas to allow the sharing of articles and publications that are in the public domain and of interest to a specific group of legal professionals.
  • Helping manufacturers track data related to their products within the context of product liability litigation.
  • Working with equipment companies to track data specific to their liability and commercial cases.
  • Assisting insurance and real estate companies in tracking data specific to their surety and general liability cases.
  • Creating reporting mechanisms for companies to track data specific to their human resource, ERISA, and immigration matters and litigation.
  • Tracking intellectual property (patent and trademark) data in ways that are configured to meet the needs of a specific industry or vertical market.
  • Helping corporate law departments track, manage and report on litigation and case management expenses.

In addition to these configurations, Xerdict offers administrative modules to our law firm and corporate law department clients that allow them to customize their extranets to meet their needs, often without the technical assistance of the Xerdict staff. For more information about legal extranet functions and capabilities, click here.

Xerdict provides prospective clients with a no-cost initial litigation technology support consultation to review business and litigation case management needs and discuss potential solutions. Please contact us at or 973-286-4350.