Our Technology

Application Service Provider Module

All Xerdict systems are hosted on our secure servers. This allows us to deliver turnkey litigation support and law firm extranet / portal solutions, relieving our clients of the need to purchase servers and install software. Xerdict collaboration and litigation support systems are delivered via the Internet, so no specific software or hardware is needed to use our extranet management system, CaseEnsemble. All one needs is a PC and an Internet connection to access the system from anywhere in the world.


The easy accessibility of our system does not compromise extranet or litigation support security. All of our client's data is encrypted at the highest possible level. Additionally, all Xerdict law firm extranet and portal applications use numerous other best-in-breed technology security strategies, such as designing user profiles that grant individuals access to only the specific system functions and compartments of data they need to see in order to perform their job function. This and other security measures integrated into our applications combine to lock down and protect the confidentiality of our client data.


Xerdict systems are built using world-class database, web-server and operating system products. Our infrastructure technology choices allow all our clients to enjoy rapid system response time along with high levels of operational efficiency. Our development methodologies enable us to build very flexible legal extranetsthat meet client-specific portal and litigation support needs with very low cost and turnaround times for customized configuration. Our relational database system, the backbone of our law firm extranet solution provides us with outstanding scalability and is one of the leading choices available in the information management marketplace today.

Development Methodology

The Xerdict Development Methodology is unique in the legal extranet marketplace. Our systems are developed in a modular fashion, which allows us to deliver highly flexible and configurable extranets to our clients. Need to add a field to your extranet? Not an issue. Need to reorganize the fields on a screen within your extranet? No problem. Need to add menu options to retrieve extranet data in other ways? We can do that.

This is possible because of our document profiling technology that allows us to profile and manipulate legal extranet system data and objects. These profiles are based on parameters that are stored in our database and characteristics that are assigned to the data records and objects. This allows our objects and data to be analyzed and processed by our various litigation extranet application codes, creating new functionality for our clients without our ever having to touch or update the core application code of our extranet systems.

Our product development is completed using best-in-breed software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies, which means our clients can expect the same reliability and consistency from our CaseEnsemble product that they get from any other high-performance software application.